The Lowdown on Low Waste Air Travel


Since I have been jetting in and out of the country non-stop since last summer (taking about 20+ flights since), my carbon emissions have not exactly been the lowest.  Whilst I adjust to routines and everyday living (graduate job applications aren’t too thrilling, in case you are wondering), I look back on my many air travel experiences in different countries, sharing with you below ways in which I made it as low waste and sustainable as possible.

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The universal nut butter recipe


Gone are the days where preserves and peanut butter are the only things one would spread on toast.  The market for nut butters has been experiencing a huge surge in the last decade or so.  They’re delicious and versatile sources of fat and protein for vegetarians and vegans.  What’s not to like?

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Raw plantain and date smoothie

Plantain cover

Many people have spent years of research and precious money on finding the ‘perfect’ hangover cure.  While I think cures are person-dependent (different physiologies etc.), I may have accidentally concocted my perfect vegan (and zero waste) hangover remedy.

Vegan alcohol is a realm I am yet to explore. With news such as Guinness becoming vegan-friendly, after hundreds of years of using isinglass in its filtration method, I believe the market for vegan alcohol will expand enormously in the future, with mainstream brands following suit.  I’m a pale-loving gal, and I’m so stoked to find that BrewDog is also vegan-friendly

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Read & Chill # 3: Winter blues


Read & Chill: a link round-up for your reading pleasure.  Prepare a few cups of tea, and snuggle in.

Now that we are well and truly stuck in the middle of winter, the possible threat of snow and gales is forcing many of us to stay indoors and utilise the Christmas presents we were gifted.

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My First Minimalist Christmas

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It’s nearly Christmas Day, and I have only got one wrapped present – for my brother – this year. Yes, one.

I’m practicing the art and principles behind a minimal lifestyle. With the prevalence of mass consumerism and materialism during the holiday season, it seemed to be the perfect time of year to get to grips with minimalism.

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Basic Overnight Oats

It’s crazy to think that as an oat and porridge enthusiast, I have scoured my blog for an overnight oats recipe and found none.

I must admit that porridge > cold cereals/smoothies for me on most days, however, the ease of soaking oats overnight has been a blessing in disguise.  From being able to get extra zzz in bed to providing me with a quick post-work-out fix, it is handy to have a batch in the fridge of this creamy concoction for when life happens.

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Tips ‘n tricks for zero food waste living

Curry: an easy meal for adding in any veg you may have leftover from another meal/recipe.
Curry: an easy meal for adding in any veg you may have leftover from another meal/recipe.

Previously, I have talked about my interest in promoting a zero food waste lifestyle.  The enthusiasm behind  ‘my food philosophy’ gradually came to me through a learning curve-type process where I figured out how to incorporate the concerns and causes I want to associate myself with into my daily routines (just like many passionate advocates, I guess).  I want to give everybody further insight into how easy it is to eliminate food waste, a worryingly large problem in the UK.

Over the past few months, I have learned a few hacks into limiting my food waste whilst simultaneously eating healthily, socialising/partying, travelling and generally treating myself well.  I am also here to clarify that ‘zero food waste’ does not necessarily mean a very frugal life leading to misery, it simply requires being mindful.

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