The Lowdown on Low Waste Air Travel


Since I have been jetting in and out of the country non-stop since last summer (taking about 20+ flights since), my carbon emissions have not exactly been the lowest.  Whilst I adjust to routines and everyday living (graduate job applications aren’t too thrilling, in case you are wondering), I look back on my many air travel experiences in different countries, sharing with you below ways in which I made it as low waste and sustainable as possible.

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My First Minimalist Christmas

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It’s nearly Christmas Day, and I have only got one wrapped present – for my brother – this year. Yes, one.

I’m practicing the art and principles behind a minimal lifestyle. With the prevalence of mass consumerism and materialism during the holiday season, it seemed to be the perfect time of year to get to grips with minimalism.

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Food Waste Footprint: Freegans, FoodCyle, and Me

How can we limit the 15 million tonnes of food wasted a year in the UK?

According to a recent survey carried out by supermarket giant Sainsbury’s, an annual average of £700 per household remains inaccessible as food waste – a disturbingly substantial amount which is near enough 3 months’ worth of meals for an average UK family.  Though a known sceptic of all-things statistics in the mainstream media, the figures presented merely highlights a growing problem in the country which I have encountered on a near-daily basis.

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