What is it really like inside Mumbai’s biggest slum?


Similar to the idea of a township tour whilst I was in Cape Town last summer, a slum tour in Mumbai, an espionage into a poverty-stricken area, seemed like an uncouth thing to do.  Taking part in Reality Tours’ Dhavari slum tour was far from that, however.  What I saw was a tight-knit community which worked hard, earned their living honestly, operated with sustainability in mind, and quite possibly, some of the most enterprising groups of people I have encountered.

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A Solo Female Traveller’s Guide to Zostels in India

The hanging seat in the balcony (Jaipur)

It is long known that hostels are the best type of accommodation around to meet fellow travellers if you’re going solo.  They’re inexpensive, located in the major backpacking spots in India, and you’re guaranteed a different experience in each location.  Though not as cheap as guesthouses, the friendly atmosphere often created by social spaces and lounges, and probability of finding other solo travellers make it worth the extra rupee.

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Two Months in India: Solo Female Travels on a Budget

My last stop: sunrise at the Taj Mahal, Agra

India was at the top of my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember.  I’m not sure why or how I became fascinated with this South Asian country, but the promise of a colourful adventure was very appealing.  Rick Stein’s latest programme on India and its cuisine re-affirmed my desire to visit the country.  I just had to go.

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24 hours in Essaouira

24 hrs Essaouira blog.png

Located by the Atlantic Ocean, Essaouira in Western Morocco is bohemian haven, a perfect escape from the madness of Marrakech.  Here, traders leisurely sip their teas as tourists pass-by, who will face little aggression or bother from the vendors in the medina.  A simple “non, merci” usually does the trick, which is a far cry from the usual battles of sweat and tears in Marrakechi souks.

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Veganuary | Week 1

Veganuary wk 1

Seeing as I eat mostly vegan these days, Veganuary has been a breeze thus far.  However, I normally consume eggs/egg products (once or twice a week), and despite being lactose intolerant, I would often be lenient towards products with traces of dairy (biscuits, crackers, etc.).

It’s been hard avoiding these products, truth be told.  I love crackers; I enjoy egg mayo sandwiches; and the Christmas panettone we received this year is God’s gift to humankind.

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Balsamic-roasted strawberry and tomato basil linguine [vg]

Tomatoes are some pretty special produce, aren’t they?  They are complemented by a lot of ingredients, and goes with just about everything (even chocolate).  Summer tomatoes are fresh, vibrant in their shapes, colours and flavours, and are full of life.  I never thought I’d get this excited about tomatoes, but then it was only this year that I have experienced an Italian summer.  The varieties on offer are on a different league from what I am used to back in England.

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31 days of Vegan | Week 1

If you follow my Instagram, you might be aware that I am taking on the challenge of being vegan for the month of August.  Normally, I follow a dairy-free pescetarian lifestyle.  The next hurdle along seemed straight-forward enough: along with my usual dairy-free requirements, I will avoid anything made with eggs or fish; I will not be consuming anything with honey; I will not be purchasing leather goods.

So why am I going vegan for August?

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