The universal nut butter recipe


Gone are the days where preserves and peanut butter are the only things one would spread on toast.  The market for nut butters has been experiencing a huge surge in the last decade or so.  They’re delicious and versatile sources of fat and protein for vegetarians and vegans.  What’s not to like?

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Energy-boosting baked peanut butter porridge

With revision and exams around the corner, monitoring my energy levels is more crucial than ever.  Being a final-year university student, four years of studying have finally shown light to the perfect balance for optimal performance/endurance during these grueling times.

Trying to live a student-friendly, health-conscious lifestyle can be difficult during the exam period, as my half-asleep peers are often found clutching cups of espresso and energy drinks as we queue for the library to open; I must admit, I am guilty of this too at times.  In a bid to save money for summer travels and live a chemical-free life, I turn to an old favourite, energy-boosting food for my fuel: peanuts.

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