What is it really like inside Mumbai’s biggest slum?


Similar to the idea of a township tour whilst I was in Cape Town last summer, a slum tour in Mumbai, an espionage into a poverty-stricken area, seemed like an uncouth thing to do.  Taking part in Reality Tours’ Dhavari slum tour was far from that, however.  What I saw was a tight-knit community which worked hard, earned their living honestly, operated with sustainability in mind, and quite possibly, some of the most enterprising groups of people I have encountered.

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Where To Stay: Zostel, Jaisalmer


Recently awarded HostelWorld’s ‘Hostel of the Week‘, Zostel, the haveli-style budget option in the Thar Desert city of Jaisalmer boasts luxurious dorm rooms for backpacker-friendly pockets.  

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Where To Stay: Riad Dia, Marrakech

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A colourful myriad helpfully tucked in an alley near the Koutobia Mosque, and only a five-minute walk from the crazy Jemaa el-Fnaa square, Riad Dia boasts rooms and social spaces as bold and lively as its friendly staff.

After taking our pre-arranged airport transfer to the hostel (which set us back a mere 50 DH as there were 3 of us in a taxi), we were welcomed with Moroccan mint tea and some sweet treats as we sat down finalising our payment for the taxi ride and upfront accommodation fees.  As it was New Year’s Eve, we were kindly invited to a three-course meal and entertainment provided by the group ‘Rouge Hostels’, with which Riad Dia belonged to.  At 250 DH, and with no idea where else to welcome 2016, my sister and I, alongside our newfound Irish friend, reluctantly agreed, and handed over our freshly printed dirham notes.

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24 hours in Essaouira

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Located by the Atlantic Ocean, Essaouira in Western Morocco is bohemian haven, a perfect escape from the madness of Marrakech.  Here, traders leisurely sip their teas as tourists pass-by, who will face little aggression or bother from the vendors in the medina.  A simple “non, merci” usually does the trick, which is a far cry from the usual battles of sweat and tears in Marrakechi souks.

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Resolutions for a Sustainable 2016

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I have previously wrote a blog post aptly titled ’16 things for 2016.’  A bucket list for the year ahead, I listed aims, challenges and tasks I wanted ticked off by the eve of 2017.

However, I recently came across Danielle’s resolutions post over at No Need For Mars.  Her list was broad yet relatable; it became enviable to have a thorough list of resolutions.  I have already mentally added a couple of items to my previous bucket list – thus I decided to expand it: one which involves my aims with regards to blogging and social media, minimalism and zero-waste, travel, health and fitness, and some general ‘life goals.’ 

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Travel plans for 2016

2015 has been a whirlwind of travel adventures.  Dressed in clothes from the night before, I cried my way to London before my EuroStar journey to Paris; I tried my hand at veganism after my first solo travel to South Africa; I was mugged during a long weekend in London; I hiked the Black Forest; and I fell in love with the Florentine art scene.

I was very fortunate to be able to travel extensively this year.  Despite having had to study full-time for the majority of the year, I was able to organise myself into a few trips in and out of the country. 

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Read & Chill #2: Bringing You Some Christmas Spirit

As of today, it is just a little under a week ’til Christmas time. This statement either fills people with dread, excitement, or panic.  If you’re like me – who have not even started her Christmas shopping yet (I know, I know) – then a combination of all three perfectly summarises this time of year.

Monday night chill: #SimplyNigella Christmas special 💅🏼🙋🏻

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I’ve collected some Christmas-related stories, anecdotes, video clips, and more for this week’s Read & Chill.  They’re all slightly unconventional festive stuff for all the non-conformists out there.  Because who would be want to be spotted wearing an ‘ironic’ Christmas jumper, eh?

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