The universal nut butter recipe


Gone are the days where preserves and peanut butter are the only things one would spread on toast.  The market for nut butters has been experiencing a huge surge in the last decade or so.  They’re delicious and versatile sources of fat and protein for vegetarians and vegans.  What’s not to like?

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Forget the cliché boat ride: exploring culture-haven Udaipur

Rooftop view from Bunkyard Hostel

Dubbed India’s most romantic city, Udaipur is the lake city in Southern Rajasthan.  A much-talked about destination situated between Mumbai and Delhi, it captured mine (and many others’) hearts, as with each sunrise and sunset, the idyllic setting came to life.

Though a seemingly small place, Udaipur offered an espionage into the artistic endeavours of the city’s creatives, from humble cafés to bespoke clothing stores.  It was fantastic to dip into everything Udaipur had to offer.  The culture vulture in me fell in love.

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Finding peace in Pushkar


 Having endured the madness of Delhi and Jaipur in the space of a few days, a well-deserved retreat into peaceful Pushkar, near the Thar desert in Rasjasthan, proved to be the perfect place for recuperation.

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Mildred’s (Camden), LONDON

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I-can’t-believe-it’s-vegan desserts: apple crumble and chocolate peanut butter brownie.

An infamous restaurant in the heart of Soho, Mildred’s vegetarian fare boasts flavours from international inspirations and bold combinations.  Having never step foot in their Soho branch, I finally took on the establishment one Friday evening, the day after they opened their doors of their new Camden hub.

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Basic Overnight Oats

It’s crazy to think that as an oat and porridge enthusiast, I have scoured my blog for an overnight oats recipe and found none.

I must admit that porridge > cold cereals/smoothies for me on most days, however, the ease of soaking oats overnight has been a blessing in disguise.  From being able to get extra zzz in bed to providing me with a quick post-work-out fix, it is handy to have a batch in the fridge of this creamy concoction for when life happens.

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All-purpose applesauce and scotch pancakes

Though September is well and truly upon us, I have been quite fortunate to experience some late summer sunshine in the last few days at home.  I am no Bear Grylls in the foraging department, but picking semi-wild fruits from countryside hedgerows made me embrace my natural gathering instincts somehow.

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9 foodie places to visit in Cape Town

A few weeks ago, I returned from a five-week stint from South Africa.  I volunteered for three weeks at an eco-lodge, and travelled the rest of the time along the Western Cape, home to the city of Cape Town.  It was my first solo travel experience, and my thirst is even greater now that I have had a taste of the good life.

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