A Solo Female Traveller’s Guide to Zostels in India

The hanging seat in the balcony (Jaipur)

It is long known that hostels are the best type of accommodation around to meet fellow travellers if you’re going solo.  They’re inexpensive, located in the major backpacking spots in India, and you’re guaranteed a different experience in each location.  Though not as cheap as guesthouses, the friendly atmosphere often created by social spaces and lounges, and probability of finding other solo travellers make it worth the extra rupee.

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How I survived the madness of Marrakech

Having visited Marrakech and India in the short space of two months, I feel as though I am able to conquer most countries as a solo female traveller now.  They may not be the destinations of choice for many first time female travellers around – and understandably so.  In both places, I have experienced and seen some of the craziest things.  But rest assured, both are safe and stress-free destinations once you’ve got the lowdown on a couple of things.

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Jodhpur in less than 600 rupees/£6 

For many Westerners, travelling around India is a fairly cheap ordeal.  I managed to cut costs down dramatically by partnering up with Zostel, the first and largest branded hostel chain in the country.  In addition, getting clued up on apps such as Ola Cabs and Jugnoo, and travelling groups have helped, too.

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My first 24 hours in Delhi: cows, fake offices, and tuktuk rides

My semi-luxurious flight with Emirates from Dubai to New Delhi airport proved to be a stark contrast compared to the scenes that awaited me in India’s capital.

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