The Lowdown on Low Waste Air Travel


Since I have been jetting in and out of the country non-stop since last summer (taking about 20+ flights since), my carbon emissions have not exactly been the lowest.  Whilst I adjust to routines and everyday living (graduate job applications aren’t too thrilling, in case you are wondering), I look back on my many air travel experiences in different countries, sharing with you below ways in which I made it as low waste and sustainable as possible.

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Sustainability at Stops Hostel, Delhi

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On my brief 48-hour stay in Delhi, before venturing off to the dry state of Rajasthan, I stayed at Stops Hostel, in the Daryaganj area of New Delhi, by Delhi Gate.  Whilst reviews of the popular hostel chain are a-plenty, it was interesting, as a zero-waste enthusiast, to find a hostel which operated with sustainability in mind.

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Fruit & nut rawnola recipe


As the spring equinox nears, the promise of warmer days (even in the UK) proves exciting.  Recently, my bowl of oats have been failing to fully satisfy me in the mornings.  Thus, trial-and-error lead me to the conclusion that raw breakfasts may be my new heroes for Spring days ahead.  This fruit and nut (oil and refined sugar-free) rawnola have been one of those.
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Natural Beauty: Floralia Mint Chocolate Bath Melts

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I have been fortunate enough to sample an all-natural, vegan bath melt.  Floralia was born out of Flora’s combined interest in natural, organic and vegan beauty products.  It came as no surprise when I jumped at the idea of trialling one of her scrumptious-smelling bath melts recently.

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Zero Waste Travel: Morocco

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My recent trip to Morocco has been very difficult to adapt and make it ‘more’ zero waste.  For example, Marrakech airport prefers paper boarding passes; sights and attractions often require paper and card tickets; and local water sanitation meant mineral water bottles were prevalent, leaving my Consol glass bottle tucked in my suitcase, hardly getting a glimpse of the Moroccan sunshine.

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