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Once the leaves started falling, I was rejoicing.  New projects to undertake, new hobbies to try out, and new spots to check out for cosying up during the colder months.  The start of a new season also means another batch of house movers.

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Got mylk?

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So you’re dairy-free/vegan, and you’re overwhelmed – in a good way – by the current state of supermarket shelves and fridges, piled high with many milk alternatives.  Hazelnut, almond, soy, rice… you name it, it’s been milked sans an udder.

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I grew up in the Philippines.  As a young person in a predominantly Catholic country, the festive season had enormous expectations and significance within most households.  However, I believe that my family and I were not fully captivated by the spirit of Santa Claus.

Christmas cards would depict snowy days, films would show houses with chimneys (through which Santa would gain entry into your house), and children were encouraged to leave some carrot and port for Santa and his reindeers.  All of these concepts were foreign to me.

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My First Minimalist Christmas

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It’s nearly Christmas Day, and I have only got one wrapped present – for my brother – this year. Yes, one.

I’m practicing the art and principles behind a minimal lifestyle. With the prevalence of mass consumerism and materialism during the holiday season, it seemed to be the perfect time of year to get to grips with minimalism.

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A Wish List for A Conscious New Year

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Christmas is near – the time of giving, sharing, and caring.  The commercialism behind the holiday makes me detest this time of year at times, but the kindness often expressed by many is quite humbling.

I do believe, however, these acts of compassion should not only be restricted to the six weeks lead up to Christmas.  Whether it is taking the time to volunteer at a hospice, giving away some leftover lunch to the homeless or simply doing friends and family a favour because you just want to, these actions will brighten someone’s day, whether it’s Christmas Day or an ordinary Monday.

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November Saviours: And It Was All Orange

Food testing and reviewing continue for another month…

November: orange really is the new black as I ate my way through the food section in Boots and drank pumpkin-spiced latte’s hotter cousin, orange-spiced latte.


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October’s Finest: One Bottle of Boozy Kombucha and Hotline Bling

As a person who claims to ‘love’ and ‘like’ everything under the sun, I may not be the prime choice for product reviews.  However, as the topic digresses to food – it always does when I am present – I am by no means shy about voicing my opinion on “what’s hot and what’s not.”

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