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Once the leaves started falling, I was rejoicing.  New projects to undertake, new hobbies to try out, and new spots to check out for cosying up during the colder months.  The start of a new season also means another batch of house movers.

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The universal nut butter recipe


Gone are the days where preserves and peanut butter are the only things one would spread on toast.  The market for nut butters has been experiencing a huge surge in the last decade or so.  They’re delicious and versatile sources of fat and protein for vegetarians and vegans.  What’s not to like?

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Fruit & nut rawnola recipe


As the spring equinox nears, the promise of warmer days (even in the UK) proves exciting.  Recently, my bowl of oats have been failing to fully satisfy me in the mornings.  Thus, trial-and-error lead me to the conclusion that raw breakfasts may be my new heroes for Spring days ahead.  This fruit and nut (oil and refined sugar-free) rawnola have been one of those.
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Where To Stay: Riad Dia, Marrakech

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A colourful myriad helpfully tucked in an alley near the Koutobia Mosque, and only a five-minute walk from the crazy Jemaa el-Fnaa square, Riad Dia boasts rooms and social spaces as bold and lively as its friendly staff.

After taking our pre-arranged airport transfer to the hostel (which set us back a mere 50 DH as there were 3 of us in a taxi), we were welcomed with Moroccan mint tea and some sweet treats as we sat down finalising our payment for the taxi ride and upfront accommodation fees.  As it was New Year’s Eve, we were kindly invited to a three-course meal and entertainment provided by the group ‘Rouge Hostels’, with which Riad Dia belonged to.  At 250 DH, and with no idea where else to welcome 2016, my sister and I, alongside our newfound Irish friend, reluctantly agreed, and handed over our freshly printed dirham notes.

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Raw plantain and date smoothie

Plantain cover

Many people have spent years of research and precious money on finding the ‘perfect’ hangover cure.  While I think cures are person-dependent (different physiologies etc.), I may have accidentally concocted my perfect vegan (and zero waste) hangover remedy.

Vegan alcohol is a realm I am yet to explore. With news such as Guinness becoming vegan-friendly, after hundreds of years of using isinglass in its filtration method, I believe the market for vegan alcohol will expand enormously in the future, with mainstream brands following suit.  I’m a pale-loving gal, and I’m so stoked to find that BrewDog is also vegan-friendly

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In Search of Vegan Festive Treats on the High Street

The first week of December has passed, and shops and restaurants are brimming with their Christmas trade.  Many establishments have already whipped out their festive menus last month, for the hungry shoppers and their designated bag-carriers.

I have been a little jealous recently as everyone seem to be able to treat themselves to an annual Christmas sandwich (or two) whilst out and about.  To combat this, I sought out five festive treats from the British high street.  From vegan mince pies, to a Christmas pudding-flavoured NAKD bar, I just had to try them for everyone’s benefit.

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