I am Julia and I am the millennial girl behind the blog kalemoss.com.  The site had its humble beginnings as a result of my passion for food.  In my last year at university, I developed an interest in healthy (and plant-based) eating, often documenting my morning breakfast bowls of porridge on my Instagram account. 

During this time, as I pursued my interests in food and volunteering (through work with FoodCycle), unbeknownst to me, I started to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  Along this new-found passion for greener living, my thirst for volunteer work outside of my local realms grew, landing me with a five-week ‘voluntourism’ trip to South Africa.

Since June 2015, I have been committed to exploring plant-based food wherever I go, and travel around – abroad or within the UK – sustainably.  Now a graduate working full-time, this blog is dedicated to documenting my food adventures and lifestyle as I hope to develop and promote my passion for writing, well-being, and sustainability.


I have always been fascinated with food: eating it, cooking it, baking it or simply looking at it gracing the pages of a glossy magazine.

I am a recent convert to the plant-based world of cooking, which stemmed for my thrifty student days.  Though eyes will be rolling as I call myself a foodie, I hope to bring to the table recipes, ideas and food inspiration to show that gourmet food need not to be covered in the fanciest cheeses; it can be a plate of seasonal produce picked up from the market, or a bunch of spring greens needing to be used up in your fridge.   I believe in simple yet bold flavours, using wholesome and colourful ingredients.


Since moving from the Philippines to the UK at the age of 11, I have been fascinated with other cultures.  My grandmother’s shelves were covered with my family’s travel relics: from Middle Eastern rugs to expensive silverware, these travel treasures remain to be the initial fuel for my thirst of travel. 

I enjoy mingling with the locals; I love hearing other people’s mother tongues; I want to discover new recipes and flavour combinations; and I enjoy exploring unfamiliar territories. 

While I am rather fortunate to have family and friends who share the same passion for travel, I am an advocate for solo female travel, too – a dream which has turned into reality when I was 22. 

Sustainability & Zero Waste

Volunteering with FoodCycle opened my eyes to the food poverty that is debilitating, for an otherwise ‘wealthy’ society.  Since my experience with the charity, I have extended my interests to zero-waste, frugality and minimalism.  I have seen myself invest time in searching for natural beauty products to using my money to support ethical clothing brands. 

Coupled with my passion for travel, I seek to explore the globe sustainably and in a zero-waste fashion.

If my pursuits and principle are of interest to you, you can follow my adventures via this blog and accompanying social media channels, or, even, work/collaborate with me. 

This blog is PR-friendly.  I am happy to try and sample products, but it will be under my discretion as to whether it will be published at Kale Moss, or any social media accounts relating to it.  For PR enquiries, e-mail me: juliagonerogue@gmail.com


What’s in my pantry?

Twitter: @julianduiza

Instagram: @kalemosscom Personal: @julianduiza

E-mail: juliagonerogue@gmail.com


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