home bound | items to jazz up your new gaff (that is not from ikea)


Once the leaves started falling, I was rejoicing.  New projects to undertake, new hobbies to try out, and new spots to check out for cosying up during the colder months.  The start of a new season also means another batch of house movers.

In the past couple of weeks, I have been to many friends’ new gaffs.  ‘New home’ cards and succulents aside, many of my pals have memorised Ikea’s latest brochure for their decorative offerings.  Dreams of a Scandi home can finally come true.

What if you want the Scandi feel and touch minus the Ikea branding?  I mean, chances are, your mate Chloe probably has that LUDDE white shaggy rug, too. 

Recently, I have been compiling some great items for that pay day drop in order to jazz up your new gaff – and there is no scratch map in sight.

  1. Incense sticks,

Having a home that you can feel truly relaxed and chilled in is very important.  One thing that will make your gaff is stress-free is by adding some pleasant smells to add to the ambience you’re looking for.

Hand-made incense sticks from Shared Earth, an online shop selling ethical/eco products, are a must-have.  They have a variety of scents, from musk to coconut, and are guaranteed Fair Trade products.  

2. City map

Let’s forego the scratch map that once graced your uni walls.  Modern Map Art will take care of  all your geographical needs – from city streets to your favourite ski resorts, the map offerings on the site are 10/10.  I personally own the London print, and have been getting rave reviews off pals!

3.  Fairy lights

I believe the majority of people would agree that a top bedroom requirement is ambience, which usually means dim lighting.   These copper lights from M&S are a great addition to your boudoir.  Subtle and delicate, your room will look more sophisticated, and less ‘Mum’s Christmas lights leftovers’.

4.  Glass jars

Jars are very versatile for storage purposes.  Raid your charity shops for some unique pieces, or better yet, upycle old PB jars for max ethical/environmental brownie points. 

I use old Meridian jars for storing cotton pads/buds, and they’ve proven to be great make-up brush holders, too.

5.  Post cards

Art prints are fantastic, but they can be quite spenny.  An alternative to showing off your art knowledge is to buy postcards from your favourite galleries.  Moreover, if you get bored of the same prints adorning your room, write a pal a lovely note to pass on some art lovin’. 


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