Sustainability at Stops Hostel, Delhi

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On my brief 48-hour stay in Delhi, before venturing off to the dry state of Rajasthan, I stayed at Stops Hostel, in the Daryaganj area of New Delhi, by Delhi Gate.  Whilst reviews of the popular hostel chain are a-plenty, it was interesting, as a zero-waste enthusiast, to find a hostel which operated with sustainability in mind.

If you need an inexpensive accommodation suitably-located in the Indian capital, I recommend staying at a green-conscious budget option such as Stops Hostel.  The ways in which they were a sustainable upholding included:

1. A policy of 12 hours of no-AC (air conditioner) operation from 10 am to 10 pm.

2. Albeit the presence of small plastic cups, there were water refill stations on all floors of the hostel.  This was a particular concern of mine, coming to a country with poor water sanitation.  It was great to see that little plastic will be used and hardly any money will be spent buying bottles of mineral water.  There was a big filtered water tap in the kitchen too, for re-filling larger water bottles.

3. Posters reminding guests of taking shorter showers and turning off light switches were also prevalent in the building.  The encouragement of the management makes it seem as though Stops Hostel’s aims and vision are truly transparent and genuine.

4. Bedsheets were changed only once a guest leaves – not daily, unlike many places.

5. In the kitchen area, there is a general waste bin, recycling bin and compost bin.  This was something I have not seen before in a hostel; it was also teamed up with posters educating guests on which items should be put in each.

6. Apart from the plastic cups by the water stations, there were no disposable crockery to be found.  Straws and disposable paper towels were nowhere to be seen, either.

7. The kitchen was fully equipped, giving guests the option to cook their own food if so desired.

Whilst Stops Hostel may not be the most sustainable hostel around, the steps taken to waste less and conserve more has surprised me greatly on my first venture in the great unknown that is India, a country known (like many others) for its large population, overcrowded streets, and problems with waste and pollution.    Next time you travel, seek out for sustainable accommodation providers, and see the difference it makes – to you and your surroundings.

This post was not sponsored by Stops Hostel – I’m merely a sustainability enthusiast! 

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7 thoughts on “Sustainability at Stops Hostel, Delhi

  1. No AC for 12 hours, how hot does it get there? Although I think many people unnecessarily cool their homes, and if you are traveling you are likely out during the day, so it makes sense and probably saves a lot of energy. It’s also nice that they have recycling and compost–you never see that in hotels or hostels!

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