Raw plantain and date smoothie

Plantain cover

Many people have spent years of research and precious money on finding the ‘perfect’ hangover cure.  While I think cures are person-dependent (different physiologies etc.), I may have accidentally concocted my perfect vegan (and zero waste) hangover remedy.

Vegan alcohol is a realm I am yet to explore. With news such as Guinness becoming vegan-friendly, after hundreds of years of using isinglass in its filtration method, I believe the market for vegan alcohol will expand enormously in the future, with mainstream brands following suit.  I’m a pale-loving gal, and I’m so stoked to find that BrewDog is also vegan-friendly

Nonetheless, alcohol is alcohol, and excessive consumption will undoubtedly lead to pained heads (and dignity too, perhaps) the morning after.  While my previous go-to would have been a plate of meat-laden fry-up, I have found that these days, smoothies satisfy my cravings and beyond.  One morning, I was armed with a couple of overripe plantains; the thought of throwing these – which was supposed to be used for a stew – was unbearable.  Thus, an unconventional drink was blended, tried, and tested.

Though plantains are not as sweet as bananas (in fact they are often quite starchy, much like potatoes), their sweetness develops when ripe, making them an ideal smoothie filler.  Their moderate flavour allow for other ingredients to be introduced.  I chose dates as a suitable flavour companion for its sweet and caramel-like tones, which worked harmoniously with the starchy plantain base.  The addition of chia seeds and flaxseeds ensure a good helping of protein and omega 3 fats, whilst the fructose in dates may help ease any sore heads.

The recipe is detailed in the video below:

For more info on vegetarian and vegan-friendly alcohol drinks, visit Barnivore.

Let me know what your thoughts are regarding my first recipe video.  Any hangover cures worth sharing?


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