Read & Chill # 3: Winter blues


Read & Chill: a link round-up for your reading pleasure.  Prepare a few cups of tea, and snuggle in.

Now that we are well and truly stuck in the middle of winter, the possible threat of snow and gales is forcing many of us to stay indoors and utilise the Christmas presents we were gifted.

The crisp, cold mornings and bitter evenings here in the UK have encouraged me to catch up on articles, TV shows, movies, podcasts and blog posts that may have gone unnoticed in the last couple of months.  As a result, this instalment of Read & Chill is brimming with great links to banish those winter blues.  

Just a side note: I have recently decided to categorise links into five sections, for easy viewing.  Skip to your desired section and scroll away to your heart’s content.


I have a confession to make: despite being a foodie, I do not own any of Nigel Slater’s books.  Now that that is out, I’d like to say that I enjoy following recipes from his Guardian column.  Last week, I was stuck for dinner ideas.  I wanted pizza, but I was eager to vamp it up a little.  I had some polenta lurking in the cupboards, and Mr. Slater came to the rescue when I hesitantly Googled “polenta pizza base.”  These polenta recipes – curated for those wanting to conjure up something leisurely and for those, like myself, just want some gourmet convenience – utilise ground cornmeal so effectively. 

I follow Rachel Roddy’s blog religiously as of late.  The pictures, the words, the simple food, and that Italian kitchen… I’d like her life someday.  This creamy pasta e cici recipe (pasta & chickpeas) makes me think she deserves a seat in my dream dinner party scenario. 

Health and Fitness

I have started taking yoga more seriously this year.  I have been a keen subscriber of Yoga With Adriene for a while now, and I have taken the plunge to follow her Yoga Camp series.  My travel plans will *hopefully* lead me to Bali in a few months’ time, and I have been lusting over The Boozy Backpackers list of her favourite yoga studios in Bali.  2016: the year to get bendy.

Zero Waste

Since I am saving up for my travels all the while attempting a minimalistic way of living, I am trying my hardest to sell my clothes.  I have many to sell and donate.  This guide from my fave girls at The Financial Diet is making the purge quite manageable.  It’s also nice reading about other people’s purges – and find out what items had been hard to let go of. 


I love creative energy.  It is what drives me to accomplish tasks daily.  I was so grateful when I discovered Design Love Fest on Instagram one evening.  I fell hard.  Creatives submit their pieces for the ‘free downloads’ section of the site, comprising mainly of wallpaper images.  My MacBook is looking so fresh these days – thank you.


Travelling as a vegan: I’ve been doing a lot of that recently.  From train journeys to coach rides in Morocco, the past couple of weeks has seen me take on different types of transportation.  This handy guide is great for vegans on the road.  For those looking for inspiration (just to show you vegans do not just eat a bag of potatoes), Charlie on Travel created a wonderful post featuring travelling vegetarians and vegans, and their meals. 

Lastly, I leave you with this article titled ‘Single White Traveler’ published at Femsplain.  I fist-bumped the air when I read it. 

What did you think of this Read & Chill?  Have you got any great links to share?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


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