Natural Beauty: Floralia Mint Chocolate Bath Melts

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I have been fortunate enough to sample an all-natural, vegan bath melt.  Floralia was born out of Flora’s combined interest in natural, organic and vegan beauty products.  It came as no surprise when I jumped at the idea of trialling one of her scrumptious-smelling bath melts recently.

After a hard Bikini Body Guide Arms session (BBG 1.0; week 9), a bath proved to be a necessity to soothe my aching muscles, as well as further lengthen my relaxation evening.  I perused Floralia’s Mint Chocolate bath melt and watched as the essential oils it contained were released into the warm pool.

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The Bellona bath melts contain cocoa butter, almond oil, peppermint essential oil, rose essential oil, and sweet orange essential oil.  The harmonious combination of oils gave rise to a very delicate and deceivingly taste smell, one which reminds me of dinner mints (in particular, After 8s). 

The natural ingredients made for a very luxurious and moisturising bath, which was perfect for a mid-winter down-time.  In previous years, my body pampering involved a serious regime using The Body Shop body butters and various other paraphernalia.  These days, my awkwardly busy life usually short-changes my moisturising routine – often leaving my skin very dry and flaky. 

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The bath melts helped tackle these issues, however.  In the next 24 hours, I did not use any body products to hydrate my skin; I found the oils I used in the bath helped retain my body’s moisture and suppleness even after a day of use.

As the bath melts are made from ethically-sourced and raw cocoa butter, along with the natural oils, there are no harsh chemicals involve.  The edible scent of mint chocolate was not too overpowering either, which I have found is the case for some natural beauty products.

And what about its temperature dependence?  As it is currently mid-winter, the bath melts were able to withstand room temperature, and it did not melt too quickly once it touched the warm water bath.  Due to its size, the melts may be perfect for a couple of uses per heart.

The branding is also as important as the product delivery.  Flora utilised her background in ancient history to inspire her range of beauty items; the current products on sale are named after Ancient Roman goddesses, Venus and Bellona.  Her desire to operate via sustainable means is also apparent- glass jars and home-made labels are a-plenty.  A conscious company, indeed!

That evening, I felt a sense of physical (and mental) restoration as I lay in a bath saturated with natural goodness.   Use with your own caution: you may smell good enough to eat.


– The lowdown on Floralia Bellona Bath Melts –

Store: Etsy

Contact: Instagram

Notes: Vegan, all-natural, ethically-sourced, and raw ingredients.


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