Vegan in Marrakech: EARTH CAFE


Many plant-eaters and hippie lovers have stepped foot in Marrakech’s famed vegetarian restaurant, Earth Cafe.  In the midst of the mad souks lie the city’s understated and infamous plant-loving establishment.  It’s been mentioned in my humble Lonely Planet guidebook, and suggested by Christina, the vegan blogger behind paperbagblog.

Browsing through the uploads of a couple of bloggers/vloggers, who have frequented the cafe in the past, suggests that there has not been much of a change in the menu.  Nevertheless, this farm-to-table eatery has garnered interest from open-minded bohemian folk – we spotted big groups of friends, mothers and their daughters, lovers, and best friends – all gathered in this orange nest in the heart of Marrakech.

Earth Cafe is the perfect restaurant for those interested in slow travel, slow food, and slow living.  

My sister opted for their vegan spring roll, whilst I had the filo pastry dish topped with balsamic and tomato dressing.  Though the dishes contain more oil than I’d normally like, I would happily return for seconds (and thirds).  The flavours are simple yet satisfying.  The contrast between the textures, the savoury, sweet and sour tones, and the generous portion sizes made Earth Cafe’s offerings great escape routes from tagines and cous cous.

Moroccan mint tea washed down the layers of pastry.

For those interested, Earth Cafe also offers cooking classes.





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