Veganuary | Week 4

Veganuary wk 4 thumbnail.jpg

As the fourth week ends, I have found my commitment to a vegan lifestyle to be stronger and more genuine than previous times.  Alas, the past week has also allowed me to try delicious vegan dishes in non-vegan establishments. 

Lunching out with my mother, we picked a local Asian restaurant for some noodles and ramen.  MINGS were very accommodating.  I ordered their Spicy Singapore Noodles in the vegetarian version, specifying my request of no fish sauce and no oyster sauce to be added.  (Tip #1 when eating vegan at East Asian restaurants).


A day later, I had tapas with friends.  Most tapas dishes can easily be veganised, anyway.  Nevertheless, it is worth writing that the wonderful crew at Edmundo Lounge had provided me with a separate vegan menu.  Apart from Carluccio’s, Edmundo had been the first non-vegan eatery I have been to which offered a separate vegan menu; I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of options for each category – it even had two vegan desserts on offer!  Many vegans will know that this is something to scream and shout about, particularly in an area outside of metropolitans.


The dark chocolate and ginger torte was rich, creamy, and dreamy.  The ginger tones were weaker than I’d like, but five stars for the portion size and for sending me into a chocolate wonderland. 

Lastly: vegan cosmetics.  It was a week when half of my make-up bag is slowly turning into an empties pile, calling for a massive cosmetic haul.  The picture below (shared by Spiritual Connections) – thanks to some compassionate Facebook friends – had been a lifesaver during my many shopping trips. 


Though an Urban Decay transaction did not go as well as planned (the concealer pencil was broken and it was the last one in stock), it was useful to know that Collection was cruelty-free;  their concealer had been a firm favourite of mine for years!

My wonderful mother also recently shared a latest purchase of hers – Pure daily cleanser from Marks & Spencer.  Vegan-friendly, sustainable packaging and natural ingredients: a triple win from the high street favourite.   


Now, for the progress update –

After four weeks: In previous weeks, I found myself to be overly apologetic for being “awkward” when asking for the vegan option on the menu.  This week, I no longer said sorry for my ethical/diet choices.  It’s funny how alternative lifestyle choices seem inconvenient – even nomadic – to many of us. 

What I’ve learned: 1) Always ask for vegan options – you will definitely get it. 

2) Always say yes to dessert.

3) A lot of food items and cosmetic products are surprisingly vegan; I even found an Apple and Cinnamon loaf at work that is vegan (and I work at a well-established cafe).

What I have felt: more energised and I am in better moods.  Perhaps, this may be due to last week’s fat and protein intake increase, or my Holland & Barrett vegan supplements.  It may also be because I have been doing yoga every morning, or the fact that I begin each day with a glass of warm lemon water and cayenne pepper.  Whatever it is, I feel amazing.

The last few days of Veganuary will be reserved for comfort food dinners, natural skincare products I have discovered in the past month, and continual chickpea consumption.  How are you spending your last few days in January/Veganuary?


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