Resolutions for a Sustainable 2016

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I have previously wrote a blog post aptly titled ’16 things for 2016.’  A bucket list for the year ahead, I listed aims, challenges and tasks I wanted ticked off by the eve of 2017.

However, I recently came across Danielle’s resolutions post over at No Need For Mars.  Her list was broad yet relatable; it became enviable to have a thorough list of resolutions.  I have already mentally added a couple of items to my previous bucket list – thus I decided to expand it: one which involves my aims with regards to blogging and social media, minimalism and zero-waste, travel, health and fitness, and some general ‘life goals.’ 

Some are small feats whilst others are big challenges.  Despite graduating last year, I want to continue learning and developing; to thrive in new experiences and places; and find my feet with regards to minimalism.

Blogging and social media


My life in the blogging sphere has spanned roughly a little under a decade.  The community has grown since (majorly), and I’m grateful for the resources available to me to expand and develop – I hope to give you consistent, thorough, and fascinating content in 2016.

  • Use a self-hosting site.
  • Use a theme which reflects my site’s principles.  Something which is user-friendly, and minimal.  Invest in a designer.
  • Create/design a logo for the blog. (28 February)
  • Teach myself about the ins and outs of Google Analytics.  Use it more often to help increase my blog’s traffic and improve the site’s SEO.
  • Make this blog more user-friendly.  This means clear categories for each posts, clear header titles grouped appropriately, and more clickable links in the post.
  • Utilise my social media channels more effectively through coordination and consistent posts.
  • Interact with other bloggers through networks such as Facebook (Girl Vs. Globe and Zero Waste Bloggers Network) and Triberr.
  • Establish a Youtube channel.
  • Only posting high-quality posts, which may mean a more infrequent posting schedule. 
  • Create and publish an e-Book.
  • Create a posting schedule to feature a variety of food, fitness, travel and zero-waste posts carefully weaved together.

Health and fitness


2015 can be marked as the year I truly immersed myself in the health and fitness industry.  I’d like to delve deeper in the well-being side of things in the next 12 months. 

  • Complete the Veganuary 2016 challenge.  (31 January)
  • Complete Kayla Itsines’ BBG 1.  This may be cheating, but I only have 1 month left on the programme.  Last year, I managed until week 11 when my finals started.  Let’s hope I can finally complete week 12.
  • Complete Yoga With Adrien’s 30-Day Yoga Camp series.
  • Be more serious about my yoga practice.  Practice poses and flows more frequently.  Especially in the mornings and after exercise.
  • Run more frequently.  I hope to keep track using the Strava app. 
  • Sign-up, train, and run a half marathon.
  • Successfully keep fit and toned whilst on the road for 4 months.  I am not sure how I am able to track this, but a consistent and frequent active lifestyle will keep me satisfied. 
  • Recipe test more often, and post/share the results on my blog. 

Minimalism and zero-waste


I feel as though 2016 will be the year of minimalism.  With BBC Woman’s Hour featuring Mari Kondo, it was clear that minimalism and de-cluttering will become huge; hopefully, this will make the process a lot easier in the New Year with most people following the de-cluttering bandwagon.

  • Create a capsule wardrobe for all seasons.
  • De-clutter my wardrobe: sell what is no longer loved and donate what someone else may love. 
  • De-clutter my e-mail inboxes through frequent unsubscribing sessions.
  • Utilise sites such as Feedly and for an efficient digital de-cluttering.
  • Minimise my make-up routine so my everyday essentials will fit in my current see-through make-up bag.
  • Peruse my glass water bottle more often.
  • Invest in a good quality stainless steel lunchbox.
  • De-clutter my book collection.
  • Learn to create some beauty products including a body and face scrub and toothpaste.
  • Carry a cotton bag more often.
  • Learn to compost.



  • Immerse myself fully in a culture through volunteering via Workaday.  I thoroughly enjoyed my first Workaday experience in South Africa last summer.  I hope to continue the trend in 2016.
  • Create a packing list/guide for minimalists and stick to it.
  • Ride my bicycle more often.
  • Create a travel journal.  Either through writing or photography, I’d like to chronicle my travels more often.
  • Write a ‘thank you’ note or show an act of gratitude to people who deserve it during my travels – from my volunteer hosts to kind strangers offering me a lift from A to B expecting little in return. 
  • Re-do my Theory test.  My previous test has expired (they only last 2 years in the UK).
  • Pass my practical driving test once I am able to afford frequent classes again (after travelling).
  • Tick a few places off my 2016 travel bucket list.


  • Read a new book every month at least.  I have always been a bibliophile, and the library was my go-to sanctuary when I was younger.  I’d like to rekindle my love for books, literature, and my library card.
  • Attend some courses and workshops at SkillShare.  From social media marketing, to eco-friendly and sustainability courses, I’d like to learn something everyday through other people.
  • Keep track of podcasts I love and listen to them more frequently.  I thoroughly enjoy learning through listening other people’s interpretations and opinions. 
  • Be kinder everyday.  I think this is often a resolution forgotten by many.  Granted, I am not exactly horrible, but little deeds of appreciation to family and friends would not go a-miss for sure.  I miss the days when I’d surprise my parents with home-made cards and breakfasts in bed for no reason whatsoever
  • Save more.  I aim to spend only 40% of my month wages as a maximum.

On the last note: it will be great to re-visit this post frequently to keep track of my progress for the year.  I’ve always loved the feeling of ticking things off a list.  Alas, I do not want to stick to it too strictly, too.  There’s always room for spontaneity.

What are your resolutions for the next 12 (or even, 11) months ahead? 

Stock image photos are from picjumbo (1, 2). 


4 thoughts on “Resolutions for a Sustainable 2016

  1. Fun to read your aims for 2016! I would love to use a self-host site too, but I am so scared that it is too technical and that I can’t work with it properly. What do you think, is it very difficult in comparison to

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I think it is more technical than .org but I have been looking around for articles/posts/Youtube videos and SkillShare tutorials on how to utilise it properly! I think setting aside a few days to overhaul sites from .org to .com is definitely needed! Good luck to us!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a great list – I especially relate to the posts in the health & minimalism/zero waste areas. Can’t wait to read more about how these are going, you’ll have to keep us posted 🙂


    1. Thank you! I will definitely be posting ‘updates’ every couple of months (the first one will be published soon – thank you for the idea). It’s crazy how time flies, but it’s great to see improvements already due to this bucket list for the year ahead; it definitely gives me motivation daily!


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