Veganuary | Week 2 (a very late update)

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It has been more than two weeks since I have gone vegan for the month of January.  While it is easier transitioning from a vegetarian/mostly vegan lifestyle, I still find that I can talk myself into giving my veganism journey a margin of safety.  Listing reasons why eggs are okay.  Or thinking a drizzle of honey in my warm lemon water will do no harm.

Time and time again, we are told that veganism is a journey; it is not a destination we can just sprint to with the click of our fingers.  Despite eating a mostly vegan, plant-based diet, I am only starting to realise that I need to come into terms with my relationship with eggs, honey, and leather goods.

How far will I take veganism – will it only involve my diet or will it involve a lifestyle overhaul?  These are difficult questions to ask and answer, for now.

The second week of Veganuary seemed breezy.  A meal with work colleagues involved one chain restaurant, Prezzo’s, which were very accommodating with my needs.  The food I was served was mediocre at best, but the thoughtfulness behind the service I received was humbling.

A couple of days later, I interviewed at PwC.  Unfortunately, I did not get the role I originally applied for, but I was pleasantly surprised to see their business lunch offerings had vegan options.  Though it remained to be a small platter amongst the beef and ham sandwiches, the roasted vegetable and hummus combination did not fail to win me over.

It was definitely refreshing to see how veganism has been accepted by mainstream audiences well.  Though one might attribute this to the rise of the health and plant-based culture (thanks to the poster girls, Deliciously Ella and Madeleine Shaw), it is exciting to see opportunities widen for vegans as a result, regardless.

Admittedly, there were a couple of times when I ‘cheated.’  First: during the meal with my work colleagues, I did not even think twice when I ordered their orange and polenta cake for dessert.  Second: my short break from my two jobs (1 hour maximum) led me to consume a couple of plain scones for dinner as those were the only food items available to me for that period.  While this is not something I wanted to share, it highlights how hard it is to give up convenience vs. veganism.

Personally, I think my relationship with eggs, honey and leather goods is not about my love for these products.  They merely represent the convenience I was accustomed to previously.  The ease of eating eggs to increase my protein intake; the wide availability of good-quality leather goods as I search for long-term investments for my wardrobe; and the automatic response of adding honey to my lemon water to combat January’s cold.

As the third week commences, I will start a-fresh.  A new page.  A new beginning.  Tackle life’s inconveniences.  Ensure veganism becomes a convenience itself, rather than another challenge to tick off my bucket list.

How is your second/third week of Veganuary going?  I love seeing/reading other people’s updates – comment with your links below!





3 thoughts on “Veganuary | Week 2 (a very late update)

  1. Hey, great post! After being vegan for around 4 months now, I’ve come across so many of these issues. I’ve ended up writing an essay about eggs, honey and leather… It’s really tough to shake convenience and cultural learnings, and I’m currently battling with whether it’s right, wrong, different…or just challenging my lifestyle. Good luck for the rest of veganuary 🙂


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