Veganuary | Week 1

Veganuary wk 1

Seeing as I eat mostly vegan these days, Veganuary has been a breeze thus far.  However, I normally consume eggs/egg products (once or twice a week), and despite being lactose intolerant, I would often be lenient towards products with traces of dairy (biscuits, crackers, etc.).

It’s been hard avoiding these products, truth be told.  I love crackers; I enjoy egg mayo sandwiches; and the Christmas panettone we received this year is God’s gift to humankind.

However, I was determined to make this month’s challenge more fruitful than my last experience – in terms of veganism as a lifestyle rather than a mere diet.

Favourite recipe

I have been in Morocco for the first week of this month (/year) so a lot of tagines, different types of breads and pancakes, and cous-cous had been consumed.  I particularly loved a stuffed pepper tagine I learned to cook – it was so simple, yet so flavourful.  I was taught a recipe which used rice, and a quartet of spices and seasoning; this recipe looks vaguely similar if you are interested!

Favourite product

As vegan food products have been more or less second nature to me, my main focus has been searching for  ethical brands and companies for everyday items.  I have recently purchased Boots Botanics ALL BRIGHT Micellar Solution.  It is vegan-friendly, and a natural and organic skincare item.  I am looking to diversify the beauty products I own or use in order to increase my investment into natural (and vegan-friendly) beauty; this micellar water has proven to be a gateway product.

What I have learned

  • It has been rather easy to be vegan whilst travelling.  I relied on fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and simple bread products for my snack fixes on the road.  Check out my Morocco Vlog/What I Eat In A Day video to give you a taste of plant-based living whilst away from home:


  • Many people are still unaware of the vegan lifestyle.  This has surprised me majorly; even people at work with reasonable knowledge had been offering me countless dairy-free products, though they remained to be egg-heavy.
  • Finding vegan beauty products is not a meticulous process.   You don’t have to buy certified-only items; many  familiar brands are surprisingly vegan.  So it may be worth taking the extra minute or two looking at labels.
  • Take people’s recommendations with a pinch of salt.  For example, some people do not understand the requirements of a vegan lifestyle, and would often say certain things are vegan-friendly though they are not.
  • Focus on the good.  Even if I may have accidentally consumed something non-vegan (judging from the stomach ache I got from a certain pea and courgette soup), I have to realise that my intentions are good – despite others’ (or even my) mistakes.


Next week

  • More vegan recipes.  I’ve tried and posted a fair few vegan recipes here, but I’d like to explore this field further in the next couple of weeks.  Though I have been guilty of eating a plateful of steamed vegetables only, I’d also like to show that vegan food is delicious and does not fit any of the cliches it is often associated with.
  • I have a post-Christmas meal with workmates.  In a chain restaurant.  Let’s see how this goes.
  • Travels around the UK/visiting friends.  Again, as above.


Anyone else doing Veganuary?  How has your first week been?  I’d like to see videos and photos!




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