Read & Chill #2: Bringing You Some Christmas Spirit

As of today, it is just a little under a week ’til Christmas time. This statement either fills people with dread, excitement, or panic.  If you’re like me – who have not even started her Christmas shopping yet (I know, I know) – then a combination of all three perfectly summarises this time of year.

Monday night chill: #SimplyNigella Christmas special 💅🏼🙋🏻

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I’ve collected some Christmas-related stories, anecdotes, video clips, and more for this week’s Read & Chill.  They’re all slightly unconventional festive stuff for all the non-conformists out there.  Because who would be want to be spotted wearing an ‘ironic’ Christmas jumper, eh?

To get you in that festive mood, holiday-themed music is a necessity.  At this time of year, many people think The Fairytale Of New York is the best thing since sliced bread as: a) it isn’t that song by Mariah Carey; b) it is not that one-hit wonder by The X-Factor winner; and c) (apparently) it makes you seem like an above average human to claim it as your fave yuletide hit.  Well, fear not: there are some amazing Christmas covers out there actually, which will take you even higher in the ‘above average’ scale of things.

In terms of gift-giving, I have created a handy little guide/wish list for anyone looking to be more conscious in 2016 (and beyond).  Along with that shameless self-promotion, this blog post nicely summarises ways in which you can give back if you’re travelling/away from home at this time of year.  It’s humbling to know that you’re able to make a positive impact – however little – to somewhere far from near. 

A thought-provoking article for balance during the holidays, so as to not be too frugal you might actually be missing out as life unfolds.  Since graduating in the summer, I have been working full-time, and work at a bar on the weekends.  I am saving to go travelling in the next few months, you see.  However, I’ve realised that I may have neglected visits to see friends and abandoned experiences with my family for fear that it will leave a massive dent in my bank account.  News flash: it does not. Besides, these are the same people I will be missing during my travels, so what’s the point of calling off potential hang-out time? 

I love this post by Cate In The Kitchen.  Her family reviews an array of shop-bought mincemeat jars from British supermarkets.  A short and snappy read for those wanting a home-made Christmas, with a little convenience thrown here and there.

If you’re wandering around the streets in the UK, you’ll be bombarded by many festive menus.  I’ve written up a review of 5 festive vegan offerings in case you’re fed up of seeing turkey and cranberry sandwiches everywhere.

Lastly, this piece on Upworthy lifted my spirits this week.  Like, I’d never use that phrase to describe anything, but Canada – and their Prime Minister – continues to prove that it is an awe-inspiring nation, one that leads by example at the time of year based around caring, giving and sharing. 

Anything that stood out for you this week?  An article that helped ease that bah, humbug! feeling?  Let me know in the comments below!

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