November Saviours: And It Was All Orange

Food testing and reviewing continue for another month…

November: orange really is the new black as I ate my way through the food section in Boots and drank pumpkin-spiced latte’s hotter cousin, orange-spiced latte.


I did not jump on the Graze single snack box bandwagon straight away.  I had a Graze subscription during their early days, but it left my family and I quite disappointed.  This was when my palate was still quite immature, a time when I did not really appreciate bold flavours or unfamiliar texture combinations.


Fast forward to 2015 and I bloody love their savoury boxes.  I tried the Smokehouse BBQ Crunch box after seeing it reduced to 50p in Boots, as some sort of consolation for walking home in the rain.  The combination of dried peas, corn and corn chips remind me of a favourite childhood snack pack popular in the Philippines: cornick, particularly the Boy Bawang brand.  Cornick is a crunchy corn medley high in sodium and fat, as well as additives and artificial flavourings.  Thumbs up to Graze for sending me into a ball of nostalgia without the nasties.

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A few days later, I picked up the Veggie Protein Power box with dried edamame beans, spicy chickpeas and black pepper cashews.  This served as a perfect pre-work out fuel; the Smokehouse BBQ Crunch box remains to be my favourite out of the two, however.

Since seeing the hype around the NAKD Bakewell Tart bar a year or so ago, frequent stints at Holland and Barrett was necessary but remained unsuccessful, until now.  After all these months, I was left disappointed.

The ‘natural’ flavouring present tasted awfully artificial, and, in my opinion, it did not resemble the Bakewell tart flavour at all.  The frangipane taste was certainly there, but it may have just been due to the sickly sweetness of the bar that induced the almond tones I recalled.  Sorry NAKD, but I will not be re-purchasing this again.

The texture and crispiness of Pret’s crisped kale was perfect.  Personally, the flavour was not as outstanding as that offered by Inspiral or the home-made brands in Cape Town I had tasted previously, but Pret’s version remained to be a good standby.

A new favourite: orange-spiced soy latte. No pumpkin-spiced to be found here ☕️🍊

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I may have had pumpkin-spiced latte once or twice in my life, IDK.  The cow juice involved means it is no longer a territory I’d like to take a dip in, but Pret has a magnificent A/W orange-spiced alternative that I did not felt like I missed out on the PSL hype.  The orange tones were so subtle that it slowly crept up as the wintry spices kicked in.  Orange-spiced is the new pumpkin-spiced here at Kale Moss HQ – if you’re partial to fruity festive flavours, check out this porridge recipe for some spiced orange lovin’ in the cool mornings!

Unsurprisingly, I have been loving 02 Priority in the last few days of November.  First of all, I bagged some Jamie XX tickets (for his Alexandra Palace show) through their 02 Priority tickets app.  Secondly, why have I never redeemed their £1 Boots meal deal offer on a Monday?!

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The infamous sandwich – alongside another veggie offering.

Boots has a surprisingly great range of vegan and healthy food and snacks.  From my experience of lunch take-outs, Boots seem to be ahead of M&S, Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s (the Metro versions of the latter two) in the range of vegan/dairy-free options it offers.  The carrot, coriander and houmous sandwich on tomato bread has been one of the more satisfying shop-bought sandwiches I have had.  The flavours were so bold that it was almost unexpected from a basic brand like Boots; the vegetables remained crunchy and the houmous did not taint the texture of the bread, either (no soggy bottom here).

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The carrot, parsnip and mango juice may be far too health food territory for many, but I dig it.  It was refreshing, both in its unique flavour combination and thirst-quenching properties.  I have stated previously how I dislike anything too saccharine, particularly with regards to drinks, and this juice is for those like me.  It’s not too sweet, it’s got veg in, and it is an inviting bright orange colour.  Stick your straw in this juice box.

The final addition to an orange-centric month is the Mini Magoo Cornflakes with Orange.  It is a nut and wheat-free cereal, a fabulous way to start the morning.  Even French Vogue agrees.  A cereal so stylishly polished in the space of 5 days.  Yes. 5.

Mini Magoo Cornflakes on a bed of porridge oats and banana coins. Served with M&S rice milk.
My only qualm was that there was not enough orange peel present.  Other than that, it was tip-top stuff (at tip-top price too – £4.50 for 2 of their products at the Borough Market).

Now that November is over, time to try out everything festive-flavoured!


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