Minimalism & Make-Up

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I am not sure where my “eco” journey started, but I have expressed my desire to live a zero food waste life previously.  The interest in trying cruelty-free/organic/natural products and living a minimal lifestyle on the slow lane have been my latest endeavours since.

Thus, a couple of weeks ago, when my first pay check hit my bank account, I was ready to replace half of the contents of my make-up bag for something more organic.  Now, you may think that a minimalist would be anti-make-up; I beg to differ.  Currently, I am looking to reduce the amount of make-up I wear – which is rather minimal most days, anyway – all the while looking for organic, eco-friendly items as great alternatives to my beauty favourites.

However, it is not about throwing away all the products I own because they are not X, Y or Z; sustainability is a long-term process and not a quick transition period whereby you create more waste – by chucking anything that is not organic/natural/etc. – to craft that minimal lifestyle perfection.

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Things to throw: eyeliner (Maybelline), foundation sampler (Bare Minerals), old lipstick (No. 7), lipgloss (Smashbox) and lipliner (Rimmel).

So, with many of my products nearly hitting pan, de-cluttering my make-up bag was a necessary – albeit banal – task.  The process allowed me to clean my make-up bag and brushes (which is never on my to-do list despite my best intentions), sort through the items that need throwing away (as they are empty) and take note of ones that need replacing soon (with a more eco-friendly product in the near future).

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Brushes for keeps ft. Bare Minerals, Real Techniques and Yves Rocher.

I have always been a firm believer in expensive make-up and brands (though I had to downgrade during my student days *sad face emoji*), but recently, a shift towards a better diet and skincare regime has been more of a priority.  Yes, expensive make-up brands may well use higher quality ingredients than their ‘drugstore’ analogues, but the waste and chemicals involved in both remain to be a staggering amount.

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Organised make-up bag in a see-through case (from Woolworths, South Africa).

Recent additions include The Body Shop’s Fresh Nude Foundation and Concealer All In One.  The products are not vegan, but the saleslady kindly researched all the information for me – so cheers to that.

So far, minimising my make-up bag has been a breezy process:

  • It’s important to read about what goes on your skin. After all, it is your largest organ.
  • De-clutter your routine and make-up bag. A simple daily cleansing ritual = less products.  It took me a maximum of 10 minutes to clean my make-up bag and throw away those old bottles and palettes.  The clear plastic container it is in may not be #totallyeco, but it allows me to see items I own with ease.
  • Be realistic. Throwing your whole make-up kit into the bin may work for you, it may not.  Personally, I love make-up.  I am now more focused on eco-friendly packaging, skin-friendly ingredients and animal-friendly brands when hunting for beauty products. 

As my views and lifestyle have changed dramatically over the last 6 months, so will the contents of my make-up bag.  It will be a constant evolving process, and one which I am excited to embark on.  Especially if it involves some delightful NUXE bottles.

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One thought on “Minimalism & Make-Up

  1. Since becoming a minimalist, my makeup routine got simpler and simpler, now it is almost gone. I wear eyelliner pencil on some days, but that is it. And you are right, everyone needs to find what works for them. For me, it was a slow process that happened over years.
    I actually wrote a post about this last month, if you’d like to see:

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