Read & Chill #1

Carl Wilson's photo series for VICE of England's single ladies and their kitchens/bathrooms/bedrooms.
Carl Wilson’s photo series for VICE of England’s single ladies and their kitchens/bathrooms/bedrooms.

Since graduating, I have been so spoilt with the free time I have that I am constantly overwhelmed by it all.  From TED talks, Youtube videos, Women’s Hour podcasts and articles, I love the information overload.  It seems as though I actually miss the rigour of the educational system: constant listening and learning, writing and jotting.  God, I didn’t think I’d actually say that.

Though I often try and free myself from screen time before bedtime, sometimes a hard-hitting piece of journalism just makes you make sense of the world; like there is some sort of enlightenment brought upon you after reading it.  Or it makes you thoughtful, angry and inspired all at once.

Without further ado, here are some of my favourite reads from the past week or so that I thought every single one of my readers should totally check out, share and favourite.  They’re perfect bedtime reading material when Netflix plays up, or when you really cannot be bothered with that book you have just started.  Sorry Eckhart Tolle.

Also: positive vibes only.

The ladies over at The Financial Diet crafted an image depicting 11 things you should start buying at the grocery store.  Totally agree with some – bud flowers and popcorn kernels – but I am willing to give others a miss (brownie batter/mix).

I first came across the term ‘hygge’ on an Instagram post.  Then on a feature on the Kinfolk website.  Having been imparted with the principles behind the Danish art of ‘hygge’, I’d like to incorporate it more in my daily life – especially winter.

The idea of minimalism and sustainability has captured my interest for the past few months.  Living back home, with parents whose lifestyle drastically differs from mine, can be difficult if simplicity is your personal goal.  This post by the Minimal Millenial helps put things into perspectives and explores other, useful ways to live a simple life.

I have always enjoyed ELLE’s Debbie Morgan’s 30-day Challenges.  Her third one involves adopting a vegan lifestyle, which, of course, piqued my interest.  It’s refreshing to hear about other people’s 30-day vegan challenges – especially with Veganuary coming up.  Her next conquest: no make-up.  I’m already intrigued.

VICE shared this photo series on the bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms of England’s single laydeez.  It was so real, honest, and brings back nostalgia from my house-sharing university days.  FACT: uncleanliness does not discriminate.  Also, here’s the original photo series featuring their male analogues.  Again, familiar territory with old housemates.

EDIT: This is also a great way for me to track links I have been meaning to share to friends, without having to search the entire Thought Catalog directory.  Also, I’ll refrain from making this a boring, weekly feature; I enjoy some spontaneity so I’ll post as and when to keep you guys on your toes.

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