Hallowe’en: Through the Years

I am an avid fan of Lena Dunham and her work.  Girls just hit me right in the feels and the latest addition to her repertoire, Lenny, has surpassed my expectations.  The weekly newsletter is quirky, real and ever so unforgiving.

In this week’s Lenny, Lena shared photos of her Hallowe’en costumes through the years Though not exactly food or travel-related, I thought I’d do the same, spanning a timeline of seven Hallowe’ens from my 15 year-old self to last year’s – hopefully – more sophisticated demeanour at 21.  Because, well, I have no pumpkin recipes to share with you, and it’s always fun to look at awkward teenage photos.

Aged 15 marked my first Hallowe’en celebration in style.  It was a house party at my friend’s spare house – because, you know, everybody had those – involving a lot of alcohol and face paint.   Wednesday Addams was my childhood hero: her monotonous tone and wicked sense of humour was everything I wanted to be when I was younger.  Slightly cool and misunderstood, you know?

Aged 16 was spent at a dingy club in my hometown to celebrate my friend’s sister’s 18th birthday party.  Only a handful of us were invited from the year below, so I acted like the elite I was.

Nope.  Everyone else seemed to be in sleek, black clothing whilst my friends and I proceeded to keep it traditional with spray-painted hair and fake blood flicked all over our H&M tees.

Aged 17… I don’t even know what this was.

Aged 18 was my first year at university.  Armed with a tight-fitting dress from eBay – a TopShop number with awful shoulder padding – I was a confused cat zombie, from what I recall.  Not quite Mean Girls, for sure.

Aged 19 I stepped up my fancy dress game.  I bought some cheap pillowcases from Primark, cut it up, and soaked it in tea the day before.  I was a Mummy, duh.  Turns out, it was actually very difficult to cover yourself completely in strips of fabric, which posed limitations to my movement for the whole evening.

This reminded me of pre-selfie/Snapchat era when photoshoots before nights out were almost always a requirement.

Aged 20 was when I took it a step further and ventured into professional make-up.  I was a dead prom queen, inspired by this ASOS video.  I slashed a blue one-shoulder Zara dress I wore for my 18th birthday party and bought a plastic crown and cheap fuschia lipstick.

I bought liquid latex from Amazon a couple of weeks prior, as well as invest a good half hour in creating a slash across my neck using toilet paper and fake blood.  I smelled horribly of wee – because of the liquid latex – but I got likes on my Instagram, so who cares right?

Aged 21 I had two gatherings.  One was for my housemate’s belated birthday party, which was themed Seven Deadly Sins.  I picked ‘Pride’ so I dressed as a beauty queen.  Uncanny to the previous year’s up-do, minus the fake blood and runny make-up.

The second was for the weekend of Hallowe’en.  It was a busy student night, and I verged towards a neutral face with a slasher neck.  Vanilla? Yes.  Sophisticated? Maybe.

Aged 22?  I’ll be the sober bar maid serving a swarm of zombies.  Exceptionally boring, grown-up and – ever so slightly – comforting.

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