It’s Foodtober Season

I had a long weekend at London recently, visiting my favourites and hitting the shops like a pro.  I have also had the chance to finally try some food outlets, pop-ups and restaurants which had been on my radar for a while.

Girl with No Gluten.
Girl with No Gluten.

The time spent on the establishments may not have warranted a full review of each, but excessive food porn and Instagram-worthy set-ups should still be expected.

First up, were scenes of sorts at VegFest on a Saturday.  There were cakes, cheese, Jaffa Cake candles, and more.  It was as visually-pleasing and tummy-filling as I expected and beyond.

Ms. Cupcake cakes from the UK's first all-vegan bakery.
Ms. Cupcake cakes from the UK’s first all-vegan bakery.

Strolling around the Kensington area after VegFest treated my sister and I to many shopping (charity, high street and high-end) and culinary delights.  Of course, a trip to the neighbourhood WholeFoods Market was not to be missed.  Adorned with pumpkins – Canadian Thanksgiving was only a few days’ away then – it was autumnal heaven.

Crosstown Doughnuts, make-your-own nut butter machines, and sacks of spices left my jaw hanging; it really was foodie heaven!  I picked up some organic spices for my sister (to make curries with at university), whilst I had some Biona Organic hemp seeds and a bottle of kombucha.

This one time in #Wholefoods, I died in #nutbutter heaven🍯🍠🍌🍍

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As the doors of Selfridges closed by the time we reached Oxford Street on Saturday evening, the Sunday was spend scrolling through the department on the hunt for Borough 22‘s free-from doughnuts.  Being an avid follower on Instagram, the daily pictures posted by baker Ryan made the doughnuts so inviting that a full browse through two floors of Selfridges to find this niche product seemed totally acceptable.

The only vegan flavours they had were the original sugar ring doughnut and their raspberry and pistachio number.   Only baked, these were not greasy like their mainstream counterparts.  I am still unsure about their dense and heavy nature, but it was fantastic to be able to consume doughnuts once again.

A Sunday feast indeed, I met a close friend at trendy Primrose Hill for all-vegan restaurant manna.  With a simple, understated interior and friendly staff, we sat down to a filling and scrumptious late Sunday lunch.

We shared arancini balls to start with, washed down with a carafe of organic white wine.  This was shortly followed by their Sunday vegan nut roast for me, and bangers and mash for my friend.  Swapping spoonfuls of both to each other’s delight, we both agreed the meal was just as amazing as the rave reviews promised it to be.

It was also refreshing for the chef to agree to cook up another batch of the roast dinner for myself when I expressed my interest, as it sold out only a few minutes previously.  Five-star experience, you guys.  Well worth the dollar.

Vegan sausage and mash with onion rings on top. Bangerz indeed.
Vegan sausage and mash with onion rings on top. Bangerz indeed.

On Monday morning, a trip to Covent Garden was necessary.  Despite filling up with porridge for breakfast, a bowl of one of the infamous 26 grains dishes was a must.  Missing the commuter rush and tourist peak time, Neal’s Yard was beautifully peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

As the butternut and coconut black rice bowl was not available until noon, savoury oats served with egg, chives, avo and Sriracha was suggested by one of the model-like males who worked there.  I waited until I reached Liverpool Street station, and about 3 hours after I had breakfast,  before I consumed the #porridgeporn that was bestowed upon me.

I was crying.  The savoury oat dish was beautiful.  My weekend had been amazing.  And I was able to witness this sunset at Primrose Hill Park the night before.

#blessed all over.

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