Kale Moss is born.

I have decided to abandon the name ‘themorningbowl’ as I felt the name suggested a rather narrow path of breakfasts and brunches.  I want to branch out and represent the site as one which showcases my so-called journey into a more sustainable, plant-based and curious lifestyle, with recipes, raves, and reviews thrown in for added reading value.

So Kale Moss is born.  A lot less supermodel, a lot more natural goodness.  My headline will read ‘Unadulterated plant-eating‘ (shortly).  I feel so professional with a .com address.  Anyone else get that?  Also, if you cannot tell already, I love puns.

This was the fruit of a hosting blunder on my part (of course), and stepping into unfamiliar waters (IT/website building/hosting services etc).

So cheers to new beginnings and all.

Please update your bookmarks/favourites.

My Twitter and Instagram are linked.

Peace and love,  Julia
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