Is anyone else a fan of these ‘What I Eat In A Day’ Youtube videos? Just me?  Since going ovo-pescetarian, I have been asked numerous times, “well, what do you eat?”  I limit my fish intake to once a week, as well as that of eggs.  Most of the time, however, I eat plants and occasionally, some baked treats and goodies;  I am quite adverse to anything sweet (I even find honey rather sweet, and I only have sugar-less (or black) tea and coffee) so chocolate cravings have never been a problem of mine.

Vegan pizza
What do I eat? I may be #dairyfree but pizza is life, too.

Discovering the plant-based lifestyle, as well as consciously making the decision to eat more ethically and sustainably, has left me, quite frankly, glowing.  My skin has improved, and my sleeping patterns are better these days.  I feel better knowing that I am knowledgeable of the journey (most of) my food has taken and the fact I am aware of its impact on the environment, too.  This is not to say that I will start shunning all the meat-eaters out there: your life,  your body, your choice.  Do what makes YOU feel better. 

8:00 am: French toast with half a banana, nectarine slices and smothered with some seeds and ButtaNutt Honey Almond Butter.  I used cinnamon, freshly ground nutmeg, egg, unsweetened almond milk and vanilla extract and cooked the toasts in a ceramic pan so they remained oil-free!

11:45 am:  Banana and coconut protein smoothie. Morning run did not happen as it started raining and my chesty cough and flu-like symptoms were saying no.  Instead, this Pilates + HIIT Fitness Blender work-out came to the rescue.

For the smoothie: First, I blended together 200 ml coconut water, 1 tbsp Pulsin hemp protein powder and 2 handfuls of spinach.   Then I added half a banana leftover from breakfast.

1:00 pm: Home-made gazpacho.  My stepdad and I are still working out a formulated recipe for this, but our first try did not disappoint.

2:00 pm: 2 x Kallo corn cakes (lightly salted), a side of sauerkraut and a square of my Cocoa Fair 95% dark chocolate bar with nuts.

3:00 pm: 1 slice of bread with the remains of my honey almond butter squeeze pack (about a teaspoon) and a cup of chai tea with unsweetened almond milk.

4:30 pm: 1 nectarine and a few strawberries.  The strawberry variety, ‘Sweet Eve’, is a family favourite – juicy, plump and sweet berries at its finest!

6:45 pm: Baked sweet potato topped with black bean chilli con carne (added some Cocoa Fair 95% dark choc, too!) and some grated Violife original cheese.  Some steamed spinach, asparagus and corn on the cob on the side.  

Throughout the day, I hydrate myself through drinking some lemon water (warm water in the mornings), rooibos tea and some chai tea with unsweetened almond milk.

As you can tell, I would rather spread my food intake throughout the day.  I usually eat a small lunch, but I prefer to continuously replenish my body.  Snacking tends to be more frequent throughout the day if I had exercised, too.

One of the best things since opting to focus my meals on vegetables is my craving for large portions of it in the evenings.  I eat enough (a lot) so I am satiated, but bloating and the usual sluggish feeling do not result.

What do YOU eat in a day? Send your links to posts/videos below! I understand a ‘food diary’ maybe a bit personal for some, but it’s a great way to track your habits, especially if you are starting new ones like myself.

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5 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY # 1

    1. Thanks – it was not hard! I am doing the 30-day vegan challenge this August. I know that I can cope without eggs or fish for a month, but I am going away on holiday twice this month – added challenges!

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