Morning fuel for your mouth + ears

Blueberry porridge

Having previously blogged at, I found that my last few posts were lacklustre and uninspired.  This may be due to the fact that I tried to be a lifestyle blogger and cover most aspects of life – recipes, opinion, food, music etc.  As much as I have a lot of interests, I felt as though my personal touch was lost through the process of spreading myself too thinly.

Thus, one spring morning, the idea for THE MORNING BOWL sprung to mind (excuse the pun).

THE MORNING BOWL will be a creative, inspirational and fun platform for myself to work on.  As I will be graduating shortly and career options are vast, I hope to showcase some ideas and examples of my writing and personality through this blog.  juliagonerogue lacked my personal touch; there were rarely any personal posts about health, fitness or my food journey.

I enjoy creating and developing recipes, but I also hope that THE MORNING BOWL will serve you up a daily dose of breakfast and general food inspiration, some advice from past experiences, as well as some ear food.  I love discovering new music, as well as appreciate some classics.  I’m a lover of the alternative R&B scene, so watch this space.

I have had a recent conversation with one of my good friends about losing interests as you get older/get busier.  Balancing a university/work/social life definitely means sacrifices in some areas – I have new hobbies and interests but lost a few including reading, film photography and writing!  As a Chemist, I have always enjoyed the idea of Science Communication combined with food.  I am hoping that four years of the degree will not go to waste and I am able to explain basic concepts to my grandma – hopefully this blog will reflect the supposed Chemistry knowledge I have acquired all these years and inform the uninformed.

Meanwhile, as I’m an Instagram addict, you can follow me at: @themorningbowl

Thanks for reading!


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