Creamy banana porridge | Exploring the #dairyfree path

Creamy banana porridge

As previously posted, I hate food waste.  Last week, I was able to use bananas for some top-notch banana loaf.  Due to my overexcitement at the thought of fresh banana bread, I bought more than necessary, only to be left with mushy bananas for breakfast.  The solution? Embrace the bruised and mushy bananas in porridge.

I have recently suffered some discomfort from eating dairy products.  This includes certain types of cheese and yoghurt. Granted, I have limited my dairy intake the last few weeks but I would still regularly consume full-fat Greek yoghurt, munch on some cheese and have semi-skimmed milk for breakfast occasionally and some in my numerous cups of tea everyday.

The stomach cramps I have been getting for a few months have made me re-think about my daily nutrition; with advice from my GP, I will eliminate dairy products in my diet for a while and re-introduce it back slowly, to determine whether the intolerance is a temporary situation or a more serious one.

I am just thinking about all the cheese I will miss.


I have no problem with dairy-free products as I would usually alternate between dairy/non-dairy milk for breakfast quite regularly.  However, I will definitely find cheese and yoghurt alternatives harder to use as I do LOVE my Greek yoghurt, in all its full-fat glory!  I have heard COYO is excellent but any other recommendations regarding cheese and yoghurt alternatives, as well as places to source great dairy-free products from, would be amazing!

Relating back to mushy bananas, one morning I found myself with no milk, dairy or non-dairy to consume.  The consistency of the bananas I used were perfect – the blacker, the better!  Using water turned out to be great as the bananas were creamy enough, as well as flavourful, to create a delicious and warming bowl of porridge for the day.

Creamy banana porridge

Makes 1

1/2 cup rolled oats

1 cup water

1 very ripe banana

1 tsp coconut oil

Your toppings of choice

1.  In a pan, melt the coconut oil.  Once melted, mash the bananas using the back of a fork.

2.  Place the oats and water in the pan and cook until the oats are soft/the mixture is of the consistency you desire.

3.  Top with your favourite toppings and enjoy your #dairyfree breakfast.


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