Lucky Fox, Sheffield (Julia Gone Rogue)

Amidst the independent array of shops, boutiques and bars in Division Street comes a fairly new establishment, boasting a highly-varied all-day breakfast menu.  Lucky Fox steers clear of the plat du jour gourmet burger craze and instead, introduces Sheffield to a diner-esque menu, filled with pancakes and waffles paired with fried, savoury delights, as well as the traditional fruit toppings.

Having noticed the new kid on the block since September, Lucky Fox had always looked inviting when I have walked past.   Wooden garden furniture fill the interior, alongside tasteful decor that showcases the combination of American and Yorkshire influence behind the makings of this diner; this is in contrast with some eating establishments I have been to recently, which give the ‘quirky yet minimal’ vibes, but the aggressive use of black and red hues on the walls suggest otherwise.  Lucky Fox’s take on a chilled dining place make it a pleasant brunch spot, allowing you to fully enjoy your meal without having to re-think if you are part of a hallucinogenic-induced dream or not.

Lucky Fox, Sheffield (Julia Gone Rogue)

The menu contains all-day breakfast options, brunch/lunch and sweet pies and pastries, all freshly-baked, adorning the counter.  There are also specials on offer, which were Philly Cheese Steak and a meatball dish when I visited last week.  The usual drink offers are available, as well as a varied range of American lagers, with each day’s selection displayed on the chalkboard.  Lucky Fox had recently introduced an evening menu, taking bookings for Friday and Saturday nights, as well as a mouth-watering cocktail menu for the weekend, which are about £6/£7 a glass.

Lucky Fox, Sheffield (Julia Gone Rogue)

Despite much deliberation, I followed my gut and ordered the highly-coveted Chicken + Waffles; a friend got the LuckyBox, a quintet of American diner classics – fried chicken, hot wings, slaw, fries and some beans.

Lucky Fox, Sheffield (Julia Gone Rogue)
Lucky Box

Spread with the maple syrup and cinnamon butter provided, the waffles topped with crispy, boneless and well-spiced fried chicken is, quite frankly, an unprecedented flavour combination.

At first, the combination seemed ill-fitting, but having seen the amount of bacon/pancake/maple on the menu, as well as a handful of dishes containing avocado, made me think these guys know what they are talking about.

And yes, yes they do.

Lucky Fox, Sheffield (Julia Gone Rogue)
Veggies look away: ‘double-dipped’ fried chicken.

This all-day breakfast diner provides a homely atmosphere away from home, without the complicated and forced hipster vibes attached to it, keeping their menus and interior clean and meaningful.  Serving food at a very reasonable price range, without compromise of a good service (very friendly staff!) or the quality (and quantity) of dishes, I highly recommend Lucky Fox as your new brunch spot.

Now you can sit by Division Street and pretend you’re in Brooklyn, living the Girls lifestyle.

Aaaand I leave you with this…

Lucky Fox, Sheffield (Julia Gone Rogue)


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