15 things to do in 2015

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New Year’s resolutions have not always been my forte, per se.  There are many things I hope to be better/new in my life during every recent NYE celebrations, but by the time the fifth of January comes, I would have undoubtedly forgotten about it all.  Though, one year, my friends and I decided on ‘The Three Ss/The Holy Grail Of All Resolutions’: Smart, Skinny and Sexy, which actually did last a while.

Resolutions tend to be generalised goals and ways of living as to which, I think, people should abide to everyday, anyway.  I hope to be healthier, fitter, more charitable and happier in 2015, of course, but I think setting myself goals/tasks to do will make for a more interesting year.  Partly inspired by the post by Grandiose Days.

I’m in my final year at university and have had some amazing experiences here (sorry for that cliché statement), which motivates me more to get a lot of boxes ticked by the time it is all over – boo.

So here goes.  Some of these are things I know I can and will achieve and others are probably more ambitious.  Nevertheless, in a year’s time, I hope to look back at this list fondly and think ‘what a year.’

1. Run the 10K for the Sheffield Varsity.

2. Attend the Winter Ice Hockey Varsity for four years running.

3. Fully establish this blog. (I will be a graduate and either a) bumming or b) working so I am hoping having this blog as an actual side project will help with its establishment)

4. Visit a Scandinavian country.

5. Go to a music festival I have never been to before. (Bonus points if abroad)

6. Keep up with my weekly volunteering, until my last few days as a Sheffield student.

7. Get back into doing arts/crafts.

8. Learn to drive.

9. Fitness gains.

10. Walk around the Peak District with friends and have a pub lunch afterwards.

11. Read all the books I have bought myself + any on my Kindle.

12. Get (at least) a 2:1 in my MChem.

13. Treat myself to a DW watch.

14. Attend a gig, at a different city.

15. Try a Five Guys burger.

My list is definitely a mix of everything, from the very vague to something quite sporty (No way José that the 10K would even be pondered upon a few years ago, but I have already started my training plan).

Have a great New Year folks and get those bucket lists ticked!


3 thoughts on “15 things to do in 2015

  1. I love this list, Julia! And as I was reading, I was definitely nodding my head thinking ‘yep, I’m adding that one to my list!’. Good luck with your MChem, I’m sure you’ll do amazing :). And Five Guys? That is 100% on my list, it looks like such a fun burger joint! If burgers are your thing you should totally check out Almost Famous burgers, they are ridiculous! And as for the music festivals, definitely try to do one abroad…it’s like a holiday and a festival all-in-one. Or, you could always work a festival, and that way you get to go to the festival for free ;)!
    Tasmin | Grandiose Days


    1. Thank you! Yeah thinking of maybe working at a fest.. will be so fun especially if it is nice and warm too! Almost Famous burgers sound/look amazing! Definitely checking it out when I am nearby one. xo


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