The Editor’s Market, Singapore

The Editor's Market, Singapore
The Editor’s Market, Singapore

For us petite girls (or those with shorter legs than average), it can be hard to find good-fitting jeans or dresses.  As much as I love Zara/Urban Outfitters, the lack of garment that caters for us petites have left me looking like a bag or a child in their mother’s clothes before; yes, I have suffered from the classic scenario where clothes nowhere near fit me but I insist on buying them because they’re in the sale/they’re too pretty to let go/that’s the only one left and I don’t want anyone else to have it. Crazy, I know.

During my recent trip to Singapore, my sister and I discovered The Editor’s Market.  On one of our many shopping trips during that visit, we found this little fashion alcove in a shopping centre along the infamous shopping district, Orchard Road.

The interior of the shop is somewhat similar to an art gallery: white walls, exposed ceilings and polished concrete flooring. Clothes hung from metal rails and accessories were displayed on glass cubes; there are boxes behind the rails containing the remainder of the stock.

Clothes and accessories on display
Clothes and accessories on display

The clothes on sale are varied in style; some are clean-cut, Zara-esque, whilst there is also a ‘vintage’ section of the shop which closely resembles Urban Outfitters’ ‘Urban Renewal’ range.   Some are minimalist and monochrome, echoing the style of Swedish brand, Cheap Monday (which they have recently stocked, hello, alongside Wildfox).  Some of the labels might not be familiar but the style of clothes reminds us of our favourite Western brands and shops, at cheaper prices – the average price of dresses are about £20. 

Step-pricing system is popular in Singapore and The Editor’s Market adopts this too. The concept is quite simple: the more items you buy, the price of the garment decreases in price. Bulk buying, anyone?

 Palm print two-piece; my sister did not leave empty-handed.
Palm print two-piece; my sister did not leave empty-handed.

The clean, minimal website is easy enough to use.   The dimensions of each piece of garment are stated, an ingenious way of avoiding disappointed customers who bought an item that does not fit.  If the price and practicality behind this establishment have not convinced you yet, international shipping is FREE and there is no minimum spend required to qualify.  Yes, you’ve heard that right.

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EDIT: I believe the step-pricing system is only available in-store (?!). Lucky Singaporeans.

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3 thoughts on “The Editor’s Market, Singapore

    1. Hey, I think most of the clothes we have seen (in store, anyway) are for girls who are petite but they have recently stocked up on Cheap Monday etc whose clothes are for the average/taller girls. Hope this helps!


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